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When Jen's first boyfriend dies, she thinks she's unlucky until her second boyfriend dies too. Jinx by Margaret Wild is a young adult novel written in verse about a teenage girl who believes she's jinxed. When Ben, her second boyfriend, dies, Jen thinks she's cursed and gives.
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Hello, Login. Visit Our Stores. Sometimes that discomfort comes from having your worldview tested Wild Jinx by Sandra Hill. Sure, the bayou's notorious bad boy was pure sex on the hoof.

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The story was also poorly paced, with too much time spent on insignificant scenes and conversations between minor characters, while breezing through parts between the hero and heroine that should have been more emotionally charged. Both Celine and John annoyed me at times; he seemed immature and not cop-like at all and too often she behaved like a child.

I liked Celine much more when she was with her son. This may please returning readers, but for me, not so much. Despite the trappings of the well-worn secret baby plot, the love relationship in Wild Jinx had some potential. Unfortunately, the writing — and all that went along with it — made it impossible for me to enjoy the story. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Buy Wild Jinx:. He could have gotten killed because of that.

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Then she was rude, mean and acted like she hated him for most of the rest of the book. He learned about his son, was mad at her for awhile, but then tried to get together with her for a relationship. She continued to avoid him even though she "missed him so much it hurt.

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Her actions and treatment of him disgusted me. John's one mistake was later in the story when he and Celine started to get along. Immediately after having sex, Eve, his former girlfriend showed up unexpectedly at his door. Celine walked out mad. John let her go so he could talk to Eve. He should have told Eve to come back later, but he didn't which was stupid.

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To summarize the plot, he sees her, tries to have a relationship with her, falls in love with her. She treats him bad and pretends to hate him. When he later asks her to marry him, she says yes. Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: four. Setting: present day New Orleans, Baton Rouge and bayou area. Copyright: Genre: contemporary romance. Sexy Cajun Tee John gets a great love story From Amazon I've been waiting for Tee John's story for so long, and was really happy when it finally came out.

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